Perlooshed has begun!

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November 16, 2009 by ronfluff

Perlooshed? That’s not a word!

That’s as maybe, but in my mother’s vernacular – although I don’t know how she’d spell it – it means full. Stuffed. No room for any more. So rammed full of food you’re ready to explode; which is, I think, a large part of what this blog is going to be about. I’d love to write about politics, maybe wry witty observations on the world, perhaps music and the latest trends, but no. I’m making a choice and I’m going down the food route.

As I see it -and as yet I’m by no means an avid reader of food blogs, although that may change – I hope to bring you a mix of recipes, reviews, thoughts and experiences. Mainly the first two though, as it means I’ll get to cook more, eat out more in London, and maybe even buy more kitchen gadgets to pack into my already overcrowded cupboards. Who knows, maybe I’ll even get perlooshed at some point…

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